Lion & The Lamb – ST

Lion & the Lamb is actually two guys, Egil Bjørnholdt and Finn Dag Steiro from Norway. They took the music from California to Norway through inspiration from Crosby, Stills & Nash, James Taylor and America. This is the re-release of the rare soft rock masterpiece by Egil Bjørnholdt and Finn Dag Steiro. It was originally released in ’78 in small quantities only in Norway. They brought with them the best Norwegian session musicians to create a unique sound; blending a touch of jazz, rock and soul with beautiful harmonies. Some of the tracks were even mixed in the legendary Burbank studios in order to get the proper Cali 70’s soft rock sound. Unfortunately, after the release, it was soon forgotten and the group split due to issues with the marketing and money. Preservation records has gotten access to extensive material and the original masters for an exclusive re-release. Finally, Lion and The Lamb will get the attention it deserves.

Additional Info

  • Format: Vinyl 180G
  • Sleeve: High quality cardboard sleeve, Printed innersleeve
  • Remastered from the orginal mastertapes
  • Limited to 500 units

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You can buy the album here and in other shops.